went to the scorecards

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went to the scorecards

Post  cconlyone on Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:07 am

Lara was looking for one big punch and wasted the opportunity to meizitang botanical slimming box, while Molina hit and held and threw flurries while ducking meizitang soft gel Lara’s big shots. Lara slowed him down in the middle rounds when he made up his mind to box meizitang gel rather than punch. There were many close rounds and many that could have gone either meizitang way. After ten rounds there were no knockdowns so it went to the scorecards for meizitang botanical
the decision. Judge Dick Houck saw it 97-93 for Molina, while Judges Robert Hoyle and CJ Ross had it 95-95 for a Majority


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